So I'm going to be in a live auction this year at Montserrat. It's a good opportunity to see how people would respond at the chance to buy my work. It's a nice price reference also in the future. Most of my work is either really personal and wouldn't really belong on someone's wall. However this painting, while it's personal I imagined was suitable for someone's wall.

Miss Sara Santarsiero linked me on her page so I'm returning the favor. Her work is also in the auction and is totally worth a look at.

I'm on spring break so I'm trying to put my balls to the wall and get a lot done with all this free time. We'll see how that goes. This is a small update but expect more soon.

Edit: two things. one the montserrat website designer sucks and i really don't like how the auction site looks. two now that I have this painting linked up here on my blog the image repeats like 3 times. Find them all?