Portrait of Tom Waits, because y'know Art!

I made a drawing... this is an art blog right? yipee drawing!


Fuck Minimalism, give me Maximalism

simple canvases of color
sentences with three words and too many pronouns
"it's not about what is being shown, but what is not being shown."
that ambiguous unknown in between all those carefully selected words
giving you something to ponder?
acts of a coward
scared to miss the mark with your art
so you stop a mile short
with vague directions
telling the audience to go find their own truth
like a timid boy who's unable to ask out the girl of his dreams
because he fears rejection
wouldn't want to open yourself up to ridcule
being wrong isn't cool

how about doing something earnest with your hands for once
even if its just the fap fap fap at a small desk in your room
i bet we could find merit in that self congratulatory act
expose yourself
leave nothing to their imagination
make your brain strain and sweat
find your limits of articulation and surpass them
talk like a crazy person
work too hard on dipicting your observations
be like Giacometti with your marks
a frenzy of attempts
all heart felt
coalesing into a horde
there are too many
they distort your truth
you will be vulnerable this way
they will laugh at you
ask why you even bothered
but from this mad activity
your intentions shall be known