Online Critique

Alright, I'm going to be trying to update this blog more often. I got a backlog of stuff I was to talk about on here, but i'll stagger it to not overwhelm you and so i can try to create this habit of posting regularly to this blog.

So this is the fruit of most of my recent labors in paint, and i guess I threw it up here to see what everyone thought and if they had any suggestions. Right now the juxaposition of the flat space, the represented head, and the play with a type; trying to find a balance between all of those. I'm going with the old fashion idea that you should see the whole painting first and not just the head, so making it easier to switch between the head and the type up top is my biggest problem. I have a stencil now for the text up there so i'm going to keep on playing with it to see if i can get that sort of relationship a bit more equal. While i'm waiting for the text to dry i've been playing with the head, trying to keep my paint handling loose so it doesn't go too tight and become stagnant.

we'll see how it progresses, and if i have any other thoughts i'll edit them in here.

also i got a kool 10 most recent comments thinging for the left hand side of my blog. it's not really a notification system but it's the next best thing i could do. I might eventually play with the type there so it looks prettier.

alright have a nice day folks