I'm suppose to be painting...

But I got ahold of Kevin's camera and I feel the urge to update this here blog thing. So lets get to it. Here is an update on what I've been doing.

This here is the work in progress from an earlier post, but I wanted it next to the finish one to see how much I changed it.

That's nice. I feel this piece took way too long for me, and I'm really upset with how long it's taken me to get this underway. The whole idea was that I would think about every piece before I really committed it to panel, but now I'm not happy with the quantity of work I'm producing. I am happy with this piece though my mom is going to be beside herself, when she sees this. That alone makes it worth it.

Okay on to the other stuff I'm been working on.

My history with paintings with multiple figures is a mixed one. There was life painting 3 where I did a full figure self portrait with a head only self portrait next to it. Was pretty crappy. Then there is the painting of a kitchen scene of 40 federal when kevin, mike, erik, and kathleen use to live there. I'm going to tag them as well as others in an upcoming post. You should really check out their work. Anyways I took a lot of photos for ideas but the one I picked seemed good to me, because of the perspective going on in the room. However, when I got to painting, all I really cared about was the figures which I had blown up a bit... and well there's a lot of space that I just didn't care about. It is now acting as my kitchen table.

I need bigger paintings though. The one above is 4 feet wide by the way. The grandpa is less than 2. I had a big self portrait with my face on it, and the classic words "this is my crutch." but I'm hating that painting now too, and I'm not sure if I can really make use of the full space with the head that big. This painting though I have high hopes for. It's using a lot of the space properly and it's mostly figures so I shouldn't get bored with anything. Only thing that scares me is how long it's going to take. I don't want to get caught up with this piece and now try to develop other ideas for other paintings. Probably not going to finish this one until they open up 24 hour access to the school. I'll keep you updated though.

So the next painting. Scott Hadfield and Jordan Elquist don't really like. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I was really excited going into it. It's not done but I feel the need to put everything I am working on up here.

It's kinda crazy. It's a follow up to my other license painting. Kentucky being the weirdo state that it is, has gone through maybe 3 license plates in my life time. That seemed like fodder for some paintings and I was excited to start it. I picked this format 'cause I wanted it to feel like a monument somewhat. However, where the last one was painted when I was feeling homesick. This one I want to be about more how I am sometimes embarrassed to be from Kentucky. The idea to try to emulate something though that is unpleasant to you is hard. Also there is a lot of abstract space here that I'm going to need to understand. I need to stay excited about it though, so I'm going to try to just ignore everything and stick with it. It's really going to change when I add the text to it, but still.

So to sum up I need more paintings. I've bought a lot of lumber over this week and I hope to create some more paintings here real soon. I might be getting into some more drawing too. We'll see how that goes. Speaking of which.

I did a whole series of these using old paintings for my poster class. I don't feel that great about them since they were pretty easy, but if you guys are interested in seeing them let me know. This event is real by the way. Except for april 17th which is open house, I've set up free life drawing and painting sessions with the infamous Dan the model. So come over to montserrat some saturday if you would like to hang with us and listen to Dan quote movies like crazy and take out crazy props.

So that's it for now, I'll see how many more updates I can get to this blog, while I have Kevin's camera. Enjoy. Also, please comment with your thoughts on any of these, would love it here it.


  1. Looking good Berger, your work is definitely improving.

  2. a post. this is good news...
    i really appreciate you doing work about home and your personal life/family etc. instead of just studying strict academic aesthetics, this puts you in your work so much more... keep the license plate work coming, that seems like a nostalgic little detail to pry into and explore and grant the subject bit more thought than trying to encompass the grand scheme. being away from home is a lot about the details you miss. small things you never knew you noticed before. so i like where thats going anyway.
    we want to see the posters.
    maybe start pumping out real small pieces between your larger works just to stay prolific and keep your brain moving to different areas. belay the 'maybe.' thats what i want to see now.

    (my word verifivation was yesseses)